The ‘ultimate cheese party’ is happening in Manchester, The Manc

The ‘ultimate cheese party’ is happening in Manchester

Got what it takes to handle a 5kg cheese wheel? This one’s for you.

Decent Drop is bringing a massive cheese party to the city, so get ready to gorge yourselves on free-flowing wine and mountains of cheesy goodness.

Flowing wine, mountains of cheese and a plethora of prizes make this an absolute must for all wine and cheese lovers.

With 6 different wines to enjoy, you can be sure to get your tastebuds dancing. And if that’s not enough for you, you can expect fun filled, cheesy antics with chances to win some unbelievably mediocre prizes. 5kg cheese wheel anyone?

cheese party
Decent Drop

Cheeses will range from creamy to crumbly, with a mound of olives, crackers, capers, grissini and more served alongside.


This spectacular evening is a fantastic social celebration and a must for all lovers of wine, cheese and those who are chomping at the bit to break away from the shackles of lockdown.

A must for all turophiles, you’ll be able to eat as much cheese as you like whilst sipping on fine wines from well-respected old and new world vineyards.

cheese party
Decent Drop

Promising to rip up the rule book and put a fresh new spin on the fusty pairing nights of old, ‘Chat Cheese, Get Wined’ takes place at Lever Street on 25 June.


A three-hour cheese-fest like no other, this is a cheese party like no other. Tickets are on sale now starting from £45 for one or £80 for two.

You can grab yours here.

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