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There’s a big ‘singles only’ karaoke party happening in Manchester tomorrow

Bored of Dating Apps (BODA) is back at GRUB to "celebrate love in all its forms".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th April 2023

A big karaoke party for singles who are “bored of dating apps” is happening in Manchester city centre tomorrow.

It’s time to get warming up those vocal chords, as Bored of Dating Apps (BODA) – the singles-only events that started as a way for people to form new romances and friendships in more organic settings – is back in Manchester, and all set to take over the main hall at GRUB tomorrow for the first of its new series of monthly meet-ups.

The “anti-dating app social” is giving those who are brave enough to take the mic a night of karaoke, tequila, and street food – with an added side of “good vibes and good times”.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Bored of Dating Apps (BODA) is a series of in-person events with a strict ‘singles only’ policy and a “welcoming, fun, and inclusive” atmosphere that focuses on the joy of community, putting mental health at the heart, and creating an environment where friendship is considered to be just as important as romance.

It’s all about turning the clock back to when offline dating was the norm and people would go out to make new connections in real life.


BODA’s debut events in Manchester back in October and November last year proved to be a massive success with singles, which is why GRUB is welcoming them back with open arms tomorrow night and the third Friday of every month following.

There’s a big ‘singles only’ karaoke party happening in Manchester tomorrow / Credit: Kane Reinholdtsen (via Unsplash)

“There is going to be a rebellion against dating apps and doing everything online,” said Jessica Evans – founder of BODA.


“People don’t want to feel constrained to just social media, dating apps and WhatsApp anymore.”

With tickets to tomorrow’s event still available to grab from £20, GRUB says its monthly social get-togethers with BODA are back to “celebrate love in all its forms” with a focus on “community, friendship, and looking after our mental health in dating”.

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“This is as much as an event to swap numbers with a new pal as it is for sparks to fly.”


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