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You can watch the finale of The Traitors on a big screen in Manchester this Friday

We're SO here for this.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 23rd January 2024

The finale of The Traitors is hitting our TV screens this Friday, and there’s a venue in Manchester hosting a screening party especially for it.

Yes, you heard that right.

Fancy grabbing a glass of fizzy rosé and sitting down to watch what’s already being considered an early shout for the cultural event of the year on a big screen with dozens of others who are just as invested in the show as you are? Well, now you can.

There’s absolutely no denying that the second series of the hit BBC reality competition show has truly captured the attentions of the nation, and while it’s not that the first season didn’t do the same, the second – which started airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on 3 January – let’s be honest, has taken things to a whole new level.

Viewers have been tuning in in their millions to the three episodes each week since, and have been taking to social media to share their thoughts and weigh in on every little twist and turn.


And if you’re keen to watch it live on a big screen surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of fans, then you’ll probably want to head on down to GRUB just outside the city centre this Friday, as you’ll get that the chance to do just that.

To properly celebrate the big TV event in all its glory, the popular Manchester street food market and social hub is hosting its very-own ‘The Traitors Finale Screening Party’.


With GRUB’s doors opening from 7pm this Friday 26 February, you’ll first be able to sit down and catch up on the previous two nail-biting episodes that will’ve already aired by then this week (Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 January), before settling in to watch the finale live from 9pm, and then debriefing it all with your mates during the last episode of The Traitors: Uncloaked afterwards.

You’ll get to watch all the drama unfold live, and finally see whether the Traitors or the Faithfuls will take home the prize pot.

And, if all of that wasn’t brilliant enough as it is, there’ll be FREE drinks on offer for anyone who comes dressed in a cloak, or with a solid Claudia Winkleman-esque fringe.


Fancy dress is optional, obviously… but who can say no to a free drink?

GRUB is hosting its very-own ‘The Traitors Finale Screening Party’ / Credit: GRUB

Tickets to ‘The Traitors Finale Screening Party’ at GRUB are on sale now, and will set you back £6 per person.

The includes entry to the screenings of the final three episodes followed by the last episode of The Traitors: Uncloaked, as well as a welcome glass of fizzy rosé to mourn the death of summer-loving fun hun, Ar Lady Diane (but don’t worry, it won’t be served to you in a poisoned chalice).

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Grab your tickets on GRUB’s website here.

Featured Image – BBC