Channel 4 is looking for adult virgins to take part in a new reality TV series

Well, this is... different.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th January 2024

Another day, another new reality show.

But this one is certainly something a little different, and sounds like it’s here to fill a gap in the ever-growing market of love and relationships-themed TV series, as Channel 4 has revealed it’s currently casting for a new show that’s currently in the works, and is calling on adult virgins to come forward and take part.

The broadcaster has put out a casting call for brand-new show, which currently has the working title of ‘The Intimacy Retreat’, on it’s website, and applications are now open.

While not a great deal is known about the new show at this moment in time, what we do know is, judging by the brief synopsis of it released by the broadcaster, that participants will be whisked off to a not-yet-confirmed Mediterranean island retreat, and be guided along on a journey of intimacy.

It’s probably fair to say it’ll follow along the lines of Love Island, First Dates, and other similar reality series we all know and love – but obviously, just with the twist that all of the participants will consider themselves to be ‘virgins’.


But what exactly is the reason for the new show being created? What made Channel 4 want to commission the new series? Well, it’s apparently all due to a recent study into intimacy.

According to this study, it’s because one in eight British 26-year-olds is currently a virgin.

Applications for ‘The Intimacy Retreat’ are now open / Credit: Universal Pictures

The official casting call for the ‘The Intimacy Retreat’ on the Channel 4 website reads: “Are you a virgin? Or have you always struggled with intimacy?

“According to a recent study, one in eight British 26-year-olds is still a virgin. If YOU are aged 21 or over, and would like to be guided in the art of intimacy on a Mediterranean island retreat, you find more information and T&Cs, and apply online now.”

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Fancy it then? Or know someone who may be up for the ride? Applications for ‘The Intimacy Retreat’ are now open, and there’s still a good couple of weeks left to put your name down.


The deadline for applications is 25 February, and you can apply here.

Featured Image – Universal Pictures