Here’s all the zoo feeding times you can watch live on social media

Gates may be closed to the public, but zoo and aquarium staff are still hard at work.

Zoos and aquariums in the UK have sadly had to take the decision to shut parks to the public amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but the inhabitants are still having plenty of fun behind closed doors.

And with the incredible power of technology and social media, we're invited to the party.

Right across the world, staff are hard at work looking after and feeding the animals who call these zoos and aquariums home and they are providing the public with plenty of live streams on social media in the process.

If your day-to-day lives are starting to become particularly monotonous right now, then how about breaking it up with some wholesome animal content?


Chester Zoo

Our local zoo has been bringing us a whole host of wholesome live streamed content over the last few weeks, from lions to baby penguins and more

There's no set streaming times daily, but when they are live, they are sure to make a jam-packed day of it, with schedules usually starting out at 10am. All the live feeds are done directly through the Chester Zoo official Facebook page, so it's best to keep your eye out here for new announcements.

You can also make use of the plenty of FREE activities and resources for that Chester Zoo has pledged to provide for children during the time the attraction is closed on their website here.


Dublin Zoo

Fancy watching some adorably peckish penguins enjoying their lunch? Well, Dublin Zoo's daily live stream let's you do just that and it's proved to be very popular.

You can join them for feeding time every day at 2.30pm, but that's not all as the stream actually continues around the clock meaning you can watch them "do what they do best - swim, waddle, hop and play".

There's also cameras on the elephants and giraffes too, so you really won't want to miss it.

You can catch the live feeds on the Dublin Zoo website here.


Edinburgh Zoo

Two words - giant panda. Are you sold?

The Scottish capital's very own award-winning zoo is inviting you to come along for a day-in-the-life of their resident giant panda Yang Guang.

Although it might be tricky to perfectly tune in for feed time, with this taking place at different points throughout the day, the live feed cameras are on around the clock, so you can watch them at any time.

You can join Yang Guang on the Edinburgh Zoo website here.


Cincinnati Zoo

Hippos, porcupines and more - there's plenty of fun happening across the pond.

The staff at Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio have pledged to feature a different animal being fed at lunchtime each day. Of course with time differences however, lunchtime is actually at 7pm in the UK.

Not only do they show feeding times though, they also include an activity you can complete at home. The zoo even has lots of resources available online to keep the kids busy and learning, including quizzes and crafts.

The daily live stream is available on their Facebook page here each day and then you can find everything you else you need on their website here.


SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Take a virtual trip down under to visit the crocodiles, sharks and more at SEA LIFE in Melbourne, Australia.

Although the aquarium isn't going live at set times, they use Facebook to show animals munching down on their dinner. The good news is that all the videos are available to be re-watched afterwards at any time of the day, so you don't have to wait around hoping to catch just the right time.

You can watch the live streams on the Sea Life Melbourne Facebook page here.


As an extra little bonus, did you also know that Bird Watching HQ hosts live streams from both the US and Europe?

If keeping an eye on colourful birds is more your bag, then cameras have been set up to watch bird feeders in gardens around the world, letting you see who visits for a quick snack throughout the day.

For more information and to watch these live feeds, visit their website here.

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