Green Island, the three-part music festival set in a garden centre, is back for 2024

Without fail one of our favourite dates on the calendar every time it comes round, genuinely. (this article contains affiliate links)

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 29th February 2024

One of the very best festivals in Greater Manchester, and we guarantee the only one that takes place inside a garden centre (yes, really), is returning: that’s right, Green Island Festival is back again this year and we cannot wait.

The unique three-part music festival spread over three months is quietly becoming the best music event you’re missing out on if you live in and around Manchester, but if 2023’s edition was anything to go by, this thing won’t be staying a best-kept secret for much longer.

Green Island Fest 2024 descends upon Hulme Community Garden Centre, a beloved artistic and cultural cornerstone for the local area, from June and will see repeat parties all day and all night in July and September.

Soak up the sun in the day and then dance the night away — how all good festivals operate.

If you’ve never come across the concept before, let us fill you in. Five stages, (the most ever) around 50 musical acts from all over the UK and plenty of artists too, don’t you worry; three chapters, three of the most sun-soaked months in the year, food, drinks, dancing, A LOT of plants and plenty more.


On the face of it, it might sound a bit odd to have a music festival inside a place where people usually buy pots and flowers, but if you’ve ever been to Hulme Garden Centre you’ll know it’s much more than that. The local institution is a hub for creatives, crafters and people from all walks of life.

When you get in there and see the whole vibe for yourself, you actually realise it’s kind of the perfect place for a music festival.


Partnering with the likes of Reform Radio, the nearby NIAMOS Centre, as well Salford and Manchester-based promoters Fat Out, among many others, this really is set to be the biggest year for the festival to date. That also makes it a better time than ever to give it a try if you haven’t before.

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But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another one for those with the energy to dance non-stop for 24 hours, the pop-up food vendors, on-site cafe, various comfy and communal areas and stalls still selling stuff from the garden centre like any other work day mean its super family-friendly too.

In fact, last year we were genuinely taken aback a bit to see just how many parents came along to have a boogie with their kids wearing cute little ear defenders, pot plants, or simply lay back on the bed of chamomile grass and stare up at the sky. It’s just a great atmosphere all around.


We always end up spending most of our time at the Forest stage — which is even better than you think it is — but that’s the perk of having it spread over three different dates, you still have plenty of time to try out all the different spaces around the roughly 1000-capacity venue.

You can see the full lineup for Green Island Festival 2024 down below:

Green Island Festival returns to Manchester on 15 June, 27 July and 7 September and boy are we praying for hot weather and clear skies — there’s plenty of coverage across the garden centre coverage if not, but there is nothing better than when the sun shines down on this thing.

You can grab tickets for either of the three chapters and the following afterparties over at YES this year via SeeTickets HERE, with day passes starting from just £20. Mint.

We really can’t speak highly enough of this festival and if you don’t believe us, you can read our full review from last year’s event down below and, hopefully, we’ll see you there.


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