Rod Stewart doesn’t think Ed Sheeran’s music will ‘stand the test of time’

Safe to say he isn't the biggest fan of 'old gingers b***cks', as he refers to him.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 13th February 2024

British music legend Sir Rod Stewart has said that he doesn’t believe Ed Sheeran’s music will stand the test of time, even going so far as to claim he ‘doesn’t know any of his songs’.

Somehow ‘Shape of You’ and all the other number ones passed him by, apparently.

The rather surprising quote comes from a recent interview with The Times in which he talked about everything from his own music career, politics, collaborating with Jools Holland on a new swing album and his favourite songs of all time.

Highlighting tunes like ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars and Prefab Sprout’s ‘Cars and Girls’, he was then asked if he thinks ‘timeless’ songs are still being made. Replying, “You mean like ‘Maggie May’? Songs that’ll be played in 50 years? I like whatshisname… British, really talented and his songs will be around.”

It was at this point that interviewer Jonathan Dean suggested Ed Sheeran, to which the 79-year-old simply responded, “No, not Ed — I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger b***cks. Jesus…”

It’s a bit of a hot take, to say the least.

All right, Rod, tell us how you really feel, why don’t you?

As the article goes on to detail, Stewart then began to sing “I’ll be riding shotgun…” and Dean quickly confirmed that George Ezra was the artist he’d been trying to think of.


“Yes! I think he writes really tremendous songs”, Rod continues, “He’ll be around for quite a while.”

So, yeah, despite being one of the best-selling British music artists of all time himself, Rod seems to be fairly oblivious to the company he keeps in that bracket, as Ed Sheeran is also just outside of the top 50 best-selling artists of all time (57th) — even in the modern age of streaming.

While Rod Stewart ranks 16th in the charts with an EAS (equivalent album sales) total of 191,663,000, Ed isn’t too far behind him when it comes to the stats on 102.8m. Meanwhile, George Ezra — whether you and Rod might prefer him or not — isn’t in the top 100 and has several less number-one hits.


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Whether Rod Stewart truly doesn’t know any Ed Sheeran tracks or not, it goes without saying that most people do and the Halifax-born singer-songwriter has countless memorable tracks to his name.

‘A-Team’, ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘Bad Habits’, ‘Castle on the Hill’ — we could go on but unlike Rod you already now all the others.

They’re usually driven into your skull for months on end over the radio and the 32-year-old continues to break music records around the globe every year, having also become the first artist in history to ever have four albums chart inside the UK’s Official Albums Chart Top 10 for a full year.

What do you reckon, will Ed Sheeran’s music be remembered decades from now and, also, how many people will still remember Rod Stewart’s songs in the years to come?

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Featured Images — Joe Bielawa (via Wikimedia Commons)/Harald Krichel