StreamGM’s Spill The Sound live music and interview series is back and it’s super nostalgic

If you like stumbling across new music and long for the days of proper good music telly from years gone by, this one's for you.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 29th February 2024

Ever miss the old days of proper music telly? We’re talking Freshly Squeezed, Popworld and the T4 days; Kerrang TV and, of course, Top of the Pops. Well, StreamGM’s exclusive online series, Spill The Sound is keeping that throwback format alive and the new season has just arrived.

Spearheaded by the pioneers over at StreamGM and live streaming music platform, Spill The Sound is back for series three of the brilliant live music and talk show series.

Featuring a mix of exclusive sets and laid-back conversations with up-and-coming artists from around Greater Manchester and the North West around new releases, gigs and festival dates as well as local names who just fancy sitting in a bath filled with plastic balls (because why not?), it’s great fun.

Filmed over at StreamGM’s central hub over at The Yard in Cheetham Hill and hosted by TV presenter Louise Schofield, the latest edition of the digital series drops at 7pm on Friday, 29 February.

On a mission to recapture the magic of that oh-so-nostalgic Gen X and Gen Z music programming, StreamGM’s Spill The Sound blends new and unsigned acts alongside established headliners, with the likes of The Lottery Winners, Abbie Ozard, The Covasettes and more having already featured.


The latest season is already shaping up to be a belter, with rising Oldham singer-songwriter Seb Lowe, Macclesfield‘s genre-bending indie band Cassia, fast-growing Liverpool stars Red Rum Club and plenty of others to come, there are some serious names on this year’s roster.

We’re even lucky enough to be getting a few quick behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the artists ourselves in and around their live performances and sit-downs with Louise, so keep your eyes peeled for them too.


It might be a smaller scale approach with live performances strictly down the lens and in front of those lucky few that get to have a sneak peek behind the camera — a.k.a. us lucky lot over at The Manc Audio — but you only have to see the space over at The Yard to see how cool the whole set-up is.

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Taking place on a bi-weekly basis (that’s once every two weeks, not twice a week), the quirky bathtub-based interview series isn’t like anything on TV and you can watch it completely free over on the Spill The Sound YouTube channel and StreamGM’s website.

Speaking of which, if you’re yet to tune into one of their live streams or stumble across this groundbreaking and grassroots music for all platform, you can learn more about it HERE.


We’re all about spotlighting new artists trying to make it on our wonderful music scene so it goes without saying that we love what these guys are doing and we’ll keep doing our very best to do the same on our end too.

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Featured Images — The Manc Group/Spill The Sound