The Lathums heading for their second UK Number One album in a row

Úp Fûk Lätum!

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 10th March 2023

Local lads The Lathums are looking on course for their second UK Number One album in a row, with the band now into the final day before the Official Charts reveal the winner.

The Wigan-based four-piece stunned the music world by earning their first Number One with their debut album, How Beautiful Life Can Be, and while people round here knew just how massive they were going to be from the off, not everyone expected just how meteoric their rise would be.

Only releasing the sophomore record on 24 February, the much-loved Mancs have barely had a fortnight to compete with the competition but according to the figures the Official Charts Company have teased, they might just manage it.

They had until midnight on Thursday to notch as many album sales as they could. Gigging earlier this week, frontman Alex Moore told the crowd that “regardless of what happens on Friday night, me and the lads are absolutely overwhelmed by all the love and support… it’s the most amazing feeling in the world”.

From Nothing to a Little Bit More dropped late last month and was met with similarly glowing reviews from fans, critics and new ears alike, so it’s no surprise that they’re right up in there in the race for the top spot.


As it stands, the charts indicate that The Lathums are currently tracking back-to-back Number One albums in less than two years. It’d be quite the achievement. It is said that the likes of slowthai and Mimi Webb are currently sat in a close second and third.

Moreover, the reaction and rallying they have seen online has been incredible, with thousands upon thousands of social media posts from fans and fellow artists waxing lyrical about the band, the album itself and how big it would be for The Lathums to win it.


They’re a popular bunch these lot.

The Coral want The Lathums at no.1

Even Mayor Andy Burnham has been getting in on the act and doing his bit to get “the talent capital of Wigan” on the map once again.

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Not only would a second consecutive number one album be a brilliant local success story, but given the uncertainty that the band have faced over recent months, it’s hard to estimate just how much it would mean to them and the fans.


With bassist Johnny Cunliffe leaving the band back in October, it was unclear what the future would hold for them as a three-piece. However, with Alex, guitarist Scott and drummer Ryan now bolstered once again with the permanent addition of Matty Murphy on bass, they’re just cracking on.

Whether they’ll earn the impressive accolade for a second time in just as many years to make all their hard work pay off remains to be seen but we have every confidence they can pull it off. They deserve it. That Castlefield Bowl gig can’t come soon enough.


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Featured Image — The Lathums/Ewan Ogden/Cian McGivern (via Twitter)