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TV chef Gordon Ramsay makes surprise visit to Loaf for Manchester tart

The straight-talking TV chef left local bakers at Loaf in shock yesterday after he popped in unannounced whilst filming in Manchester

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 21st June 2022

Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay left local bakers surprised and elated yesterday after he dropped into their newly-opened cafe for a slice of Manchester tart.

Unable to resist the local delicacy, the no-nonsense TV chef headed to the brand new Loaf cafe at Affinity Living, Spinningfields, for a sweet pick-me-up after a day of filming a top secret new project.

To the delight of the team, he opted for this week’s new special, a slice of Manchester tart loaf cake made with a vanilla base and custard filling, coconut-infused buttercream and fresh raspberry jam.

Loaf founder Aiden Ryan shared a picture of himself beaming next to the firebrand TV chef on social media last night and described Gordon Ramsay as ‘such a gent’.

The Manchester Tart loaf cake is on as a special at Loaf cafe in Affinity Living, Spinningfields, all week. / Image: Loaf

Alongside the snap, which quickly started racking up the likes, he wrote: “We had a cheeky visit from the one and only @gordongram and his team!


“Thank you for joining us for a slice of the Manchester Tart and for the well wishes!!! Such a gent!!!

“If Gordon says it’s good, it must be good – right?!”


The quirkily-decorated new cafe, which is done up in all pinks, greens and whites, sits on the bank of the river Irwell and is a one-minute walk away from the People’s History Museum.

Image: Loaf Manchester

It specialises in old-school loaf cakes, which is something that Aiden first began baking in lockdown to raise money for the NHs, as well as serving loafnuts (their take on donuts), pastries and freshly brewed cups of coffee.]

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Alongside this classic collection of nostalgic cakes, you’ll also find the Loaf Au Choc, croissant loaves and brioche loave fresh on the counter every day, all served by the slice.

Elsewhere, there’ll be artisanal sandwiches and bagels provided by Sndwch Mcr, salads and smoothies from Bondi Bowls, and naturally made soft drinks from Steep Soda Co.

Those heading down can find weekly Loaf favourites topped with Jammie Dodgers, Biscoff, Bourbon Biscuits and Custard Creams, as well as the Manchester Tart special enjoyed by Gordon Ramsay this week.

Feature image – Loaf