A pop up cafe especially for sausage dogs is coming back to Manchester

Over 100 sausage dogs and their owners are set to descend on Revolution Oxford Road this September.

Do you love Dachshunds?

Do you enjoy seeing many little sausages in the same place? Are you looking for your little pup to make some sausage friends?

Well you’re absolutely in luck, as after what can only be described as a smash-hit success when it first visited our city back in 2018, the dachshund pop up cafe – or we should say ‘pup up cafe’ – is returning to Manchester this September, with over 100 sausage dogs and their owners set to descend on Revolution Oxford Road.

The Pup Up Cafe: Dachshund Edition has managed to secure the the whole second floor of the spacious venue for all the dogs to roam free and enjoy some wholesome fun.

Sausage dog owners and dachshund fans can mingle with many furry little friends – up to 50 a session – take part in a range of competitions, and stock up on dachshund-related goodies, all while the pups themselves enjoy unlimited dog treats, unlimited free puppuccinos, and play to their heart’s content with ball pits, tunnels, toys and many other fun props.

It already sounds like it’s going to be a pretty jam-packed day – and there’s even more fun to be announced over the coming months too.

If you fancy joining The Pup Up Cafe for “a sausage mad day”, then tickets will set you back £9 if you’re a sausage dog owner, and £12 if you’re just a dachshund fan who’s keen to go along for the fun anyway.

Over 100 sausage dogs and their owners are set to descend on Revolution Oxford Road / Credit: The Pup Up Cafe

The Pup Up Cafe: Dachshund Edition will arrive in Manchester on Sunday 26th September from 10am – 5pm, with multiple sessions throughout the day.

You can grab your tickets here.

Featured Image – Pup Up Cafe

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