Caravan, one of London’s most popular restaurants, is coming to Manchester this summer

And we don't have too long to wait.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th March 2024

One of London’s most popular restaurant names has chosen Manchester as the location for its first site outside the capital.

Caravan, famed for bringing New Zealand cafe culture to the UK way back in 2009 (including 10/10 coffee and brunches), will be opening in Manchester’s St John’s district.

These award-winning restaurants offer an all-day, breakfast-to-cocktails offering that includes coffees roasted in house.

Co-founded by native New Zealanders Chris Ammermann, Laura Harper Hinton and Miles Kirby, they’ve enjoyed huge success in London with eight restaurants across the city.

But Caravan has never expanded beyond the M25 until now, announcing a huge new Manchester location is set to open this summer.


The 200 cover space will be close to Aviva Studios and the beautiful restaurant Fenix, and will house two all day dining rooms, a bar, a private dining room featuring a turntable and private sound system, two outside terraces, a takeout coffee brew bar and a dedicated coffee roastery.

Its decor will be inspired by trail hiking huts and wool sheds in New Zealand, which means natural light, recycled materials and organic finishes.


As part of their move up north, Caravan will open a second coffee roastery in Manchester, aiming to provide beans and training to coffee shops across the region.

The ‘well-travelled’ breakfast and brunch menu goes from fresh fruit and grain bowls to fry-ups, with favourites including the Korean-style buttermilk fried chicken with kimchi pancakes, and fried jalapeno cornbread with fried egg, spinach, curd cheese, mojo verde and chilli butter.

At its existing restaurants, Caravan’s customers range from early morning gym-goers to on-the-go coffee runs to after-work socials and weekend brunch get-togethers.


In the evenings, there are cocktails, an international wine list, and hand-picked local beers, served alongside rice bowls, sourdough pizzas, and small plates.

Laura Harper-Hinton, co-founder and CEO of Caravan said of the opening: “We are so excited to be taking Caravan on the road to Manchester, but more importantly, we are really looking forward to spending more time in this incredible city.

“We’ve had nothing but great vibes and support from everyone we’ve come across so far. We’ve chosen a unique location which sits right next to the new Aviva Studios, behind the historic Granada Studios and right in the heart of a growing new district at St John’s.

“We hope to attract a real cross section of the city to our beautiful new restaurant and roastery. In our London spaces we see everyone from early morning gym goers and commuters grabbing coffee, business lunches, baby dates and cocktail heavy birthday parties in the evening!

“We’ll be open morning, noon and night and you’re all welcome anytime that suits you!” 


Mike Ingall of Allied London, the team behind the St John’s development said of the opening: “Caravan are one of very few successful businesses that have managed to take a relaxed coffee house culture and develop a combined wholesome food, drink and restaurant offering whilst keeping that distinctive coffee culture.

“Bringing Caravan to our unique mix at St John’s was an obvious move for us bearing in mind what we are creating, and Caravan will be an operation I am sure Manchester will love…a place where people can come in the morning and stay all day and night…”

The new Caravan site in Manchester will be open seven days a week from 8am on weekdays and 9am at  weekends.

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