Crown & Kettle team confirm takeover of infamous Mother Mac’s pub

Some big changes are happening.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th May 2024

The team behind the Crown & Kettle pub have taken on a new challenge – the legendary Mother Mac’s pub on Back Piccadilly.

The boozer, which has something of a gruesome past, is being almost completely gutted ready for its transformation into a three-storey pub.

Soon to be reborn as The Rat & Pigeon, the independent watering hole will have seven separate areas across its three floors.

Since The Manc first reported the closure of Mother Mac’s, the team behind Crown & Kettle have been busy stripping the city centre pub back to its bones.

They said in a statement online that the historic building has been left ‘rotting behind a veneer of naff refurbishments’ (the pub changed hands a few years ago).


The Rat & Pigeon has been given vital structural support ready for the next stage – ‘breathing life into this historic boozer’.

They said it’s taken 16 skips, a few electric shocks, and ‘an eight week stint at the chiropractors’, but now pictures inside the pub show that it’s coming on nicely.


The floors on the first and second floor have been restored to their former glory and there are even paint samples on the walls now.

The Rat & Pigeon wrote: “They say you shouldn’t pick at a scab. The thing is, over the years this building has been slowly rotting behind a veneer of naff refurbishments plastered one on top of the other. We haven’t just picked the scab, we’ve peeled entire layers and took it right back to the bone… and then found the bones were buggered n’all.

“In for a penny, in for a pound.


“16 skips, multiple electric shocks and a 8 week stint at the chiropractors later we managed to tear out the crap and provide the old lady with the structural support required to see out the next 150 years.

“Move it on.”

They later added: “Transforming a tired ground floor only pub into 3-floor behemoth isn’t without its challenges.

“Once the building was structurally secure we turned our attention to the 1st and 2nd. With every layer of plaster removed or board lifted we were uncovering new ‘challenges’. It got to a point where we were scared to take a peek. But peek we did.

“Debris carted down two flights of stairs, full fixed wiring and plumbing throughout, new structures built and plaster applied with floor lovingly restored to its former glory – our vision to breathe new life into this historic boozer is starting to become a reality.


“There’s 7 separate areas over three floors, each with its own purpose and appeal – something for everyone. We genuinely cannot wait to welcome you in.”

The official launch date, and the full transformation of Mother Mac’s into The Rat & Pigeon, will be announced soon.

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Featured image: The Manc Group