Tiny Manchester bakery celebrates first one-star review that slated it for being too popular

'Sounds like someone isn't getting up early enough...'

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 22nd February 2024

A small independent bakery in Manchester has been hit with its first one-star review – from a customer who hasn’t actually eaten there.

Factory Bake, which is a collaboration between Factory Coffee (home of Molly-Mae’s favourite coffee) and Wild Child Cakes, has taken the negative feedback very well though.

They wrote: “We’ve officially made it guys! Our first 1 star review!”

The lovely bakery on King Street West makes everything on site from scratch, with highlights (though they change often) including mini roast chicken focaccia bites and whiskey salted caramel brownies.

But the customer who has hit them with a one-star review was impressed by none of this – and also ate none of it.


They slammed Factory Bake for ‘never having anything decent available’ and said on their three visits there has only been two or three types of pastry behind the counter.

The reviewer also said that the bakes looked ‘as dry as the desert sand’ and said it could be renamed as ‘Pointless Baker’.


But in a post on Instagram Factory Bake has clarified that the reason they ‘never have anything available’ is because they are consistently selling out, which is the ‘best thing ever’.

They also wrote: “We do hope in the future for other amazing businesses you visit, you at least try their goods before reviewing.”

One person commented: “The fact I had the exact opposite problem in that there was TOO much to choose from?! How on Earth can I just buy one thing when it all looks so delicious.”


Someone else wrote: “Sounds like someone isn’t getting up early enough…”

And another said: “Yes! One less customer to fight for the goodies.”

Factory Bake shared on Instagram this week: “We’ve officially made it guys! Our first 1 star review!

“And to the customer in question all we can say is unfortunately we can’t apologise for selling out cause as a new little bakery this is the best thing ever!

“Though we do hope in the future for other amazing businesses you visit, you at least try their goods before reviewing. Cause our baker has a deep hatred for anything dry, which is why she usually slices up everything even when it’s still hot.”


The one-star review said: “They could also rename it as pointless baker.

“I went there three times, and they never had anything decent available. Just 2-3 types of pastries that looked as dry as desert sand. Caffé Nero’s pastries look more inviting than theirs…and also has a better choice.

“There won’t be a fourth visit for sure.”

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Featured image: The Manc Group