Hit Christmas market stall opens permanently at Piccadilly Gardens

Crunch, everyone's favourite Christmas market stall, is now a permanent fixture in Manchester.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 2nd June 2023

Crunch Korean Gansig has become a must-try foodie stall at the Manchester Christma Markets, now it’s pulled up at Picadilly Gardens permanently.

The hit Korean hot dog stall has wowed visitors over the past few years with its cheese, potato and meat-filled creations.

Deep-fried in a crispy waffle coating and then lightly rolled in sugar, these sausages on a stick come drizzled in sweet ketchup and mustard.

Incredibly moreish if we do say so ourselves, since first making their appearance at the 2021 Manchester Christmas Markets they’ve consistently been ranked one of the event’s best food traders.

Now, thanks to a new permanent stall popping up where it all began for the team, Manc foodies can enjoy their hot meaty and cheesy Korean goodies all year long.


Popular flavour choices include all-cheese, all-sausage and half-and-half versions, with a vegetarian-friendly cheese-filled version wrapped in a potato waffle coating, and halal-friendly options that are made using separate batter and fryers.

This really is a hot dog stand that caters to everyone. With owners having previously said they would work on a vegan hot dog once they got their own permanent stand, we don’t expect the plant-powered gang will be left waiting too much longer.


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Sharing the news to Instagram, the Crunch Korean Gansig team wrote: “Hey guys, we’ve got exciting news to share! We are launching a new market stall in the Piccadilly garden street food market from tomorrow.

“After two years of successful Christmas trading, we are ready to take on a new challenge, and love to serve our hotdogs to you guys again!


“So come on down to the market and say hi, we love to see you there! See you soon!”

Fans of the Korean hot dog stall have responded to the news with enthusiasm, flooding into the comments to share their excitement.

One person wrote: “So excited we will have to go!!”

Another person said: “Nooooo stop!!! I’m so happy I could cry”

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A third added: “SO EXCITED”

Officially open as of 1 June, find them at the Piccadilly Garden Street Food Market.

Featured image – The Manc Eats