Katie Hopkins to make guest appearance at Karen’s Diner in Manchester

They've roped in the ultimate Karen...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 10th February 2024

Karen’s Diner, the Manchester restaurant that prides itself on having deliberately rude service, has announced an event with controversial character Katie Hopkins.

The outspoken far-right columnist is going to be at the restaurant for her ‘Katie’s Batsh*t Bonkers Britain’ show.

It’s all ahead of her Silly Cow Tour, which will take her to a select few venues around the UK who’ll have her (you can buy tickets to see her at The Monaco in Wigan if you hate yourself).

The Prestwich branch of Karen’s Diner, the immersive dining experience manned by unpleasant staff who will shout, swear, and call you names, warned that the event is ‘not for the easily-offended’.

Although given that Katie Hopkins has previously compared to refugees to cockroaches, slammed full-time parents, and just been generally incredibly racist, ‘easily-offended’ might be a bit unfair…


But this divisive figure – the ultimate Karen, if you will – will be the star of the show at Karen’s Diner in March.

Tickets to the event will include Katie’s performance, plus the usual Karen’s Diner entertainment and a burger meal.


Sharing news of the Katie Hopkins event, Karen’s Diner wrote: “A bit like our Karens, she’s divisive, opinionated, brash, offensive… all the qualities we look up to.”

The event page says: “Ahead of her ‘Silly Cow Tour’, Katie Hopkins takes over Karen’s Diner for an evening of madness with Katie and our Karens. This is a pairing not for the faint-hearted or easily offended.

“Your ticket will include a table for ‘Katie’s Batsh*t Bonkers Britain’ show, some infamous Karen’s entertainment AND we’ll even throw in a burger meal too!”


Karen’s Diner has faced a fair bit of backlash for booking the star, with one person writing: “No!!! You’re really letting the place go downhill.”

Another said: “Scraping bottom of barrel springs to mind.”

And one person wrote: “Can’t wait to see how this one goes.”

A fair few are excited to have her in town though – one person said they ‘absolutely love Katie’ while another said was a ‘definite yes’.

And someone else just joked that they should give Putin a job as a pot washer next.


Tickets for Katie Hopkins at Karen’s Diner are available here.

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