YouTube sensations The Sidemen to open chicken shop in Manchester Arndale

When they opened in London it had mile-long queues...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 23rd November 2023

A new fried chicken restaurant backed by The Sidemen is set to open within the Manchester Arndale – and soon.

Sides is taking shape in the heart of the shopping centre and will officially open its doors this weekend.

This will be the second Sides location outside London – last week, the launch of the Dalston branch triggered mile-long queues.

Some fans of the YouTube group, which includes KSI, Miniminter, and Zerkaa, even camped out for two nights to be the first to get their hands on the double-coated crispy fried chicken.

Demand to get inside Sides has been so great, The Sidemen were politely advised to stay away from their Merry Hill opening due to concerns that 10,000 people might show up.


The Sidemen-backed Sides in Manchester Arndale will take over a 1400 square foot space, serving up a new and improved menu of freshly-fried chicken in a variety of flavours, shakes and side.

The chicken shop will have space for around 40 diners at a time, and will create 35 new local jobs.


Sides has also amassed a massive social media following and now boasts engagement 40 times greater than its closest competitors.

The Sidemen themselves have more than 130 million combined subscribers, plus even more followers across their other social media channels.

Robin Mehta, Sides CEO, said of the new opening: “Manchester has been a location we have wanted to come to for a while now so we are delighted to welcome the city to the Sides community. We like to say that people will come for the hype, but come back for the food, and we feel as if this will be no different at the Arndale branch.


“If you think this brand is only about the Sidemen, you should get down and try the delicious, new and improved menu of freshly cooked, double coated crispy chicken, waffle fries, shakes and side dishes.

“Everyone at Sides is delighted with the growth of the company and we can’t wait to start serving up our flavourful fried chicken to the people of Manchester.” 

Sides at Manchester Arndale will open its doors on Saturday 25 November at 11am.

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