Sud, formerly known as Sugo, to close all four Greater Manchester restaurants… sort of

That means Ancoats, Altrincham, Sale and at Exhibition will all close in couple of weeks.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th December 2023

Sud, the popular pasta kitchen formerly known as Sugo, has announced it will close all four sites across Greater Manchester at the end of the year.

It will hold its final service at its restaurants in Ancoats, at Exhibition in the city centre, in Altrincham and in Sale on 31 December.

Sud has said that the decision has been ‘driven by market conditions’ and that attempts to adapt to increasing costs haven’t worked in the way that the restaurant wanted.

The restaurant, which launched in Altrincham back in 2015 as Sugo Pasta Kitchen, had to change its name earlier this year after a legal challenge.

It then switched up the menu it’s used for years for a new ’12 Plates’ concept, encouraging diners to order several smaller dishes to share (which caused a bit of upset in its comment section).


A couple of weeks ago Sud said that it was bringing back its original southern Italian menu again, branded as a ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ menu.

And now Sud is drawing a line under all of it and calling it a day.


So Sud will close – but that’s not the end of the story.

The much-loved Italian restaurant then confirmed that all four sites will reopen, with the same teams, but as a ‘new chapter’.

Details of its future are to be shared soon.


Sud’s founders said: “When we started in 2015 as Sugo Pasta Kitchen, we could sell you an epic plate of pasta for £9-13.

“We’ve been driven by market conditions, and have tried and mulled over a few iterations of SUD, but we don’t feel they’re the best way we can serve our loyal and valued customers and so we have made the decision to close.

“We’ll be keeping our current team and reopening our new pasta kitchen in all four of our locations, we look forward to sharing our next chapter.”

Sud’s last dinner service will be on 31 December 2023 and you can book a table here.

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