Are these the five best Wetherspoons in Greater Manchester?

JD Wetherspoon

An accepted perception of the UK is that we're a nation of overly polite, obsessively apologetic, tea-sipping enthusiasts.

The description rings true - yet it's only part of what being British is all about.

The sound of a fully-boiled kettle is bliss, but so is the mention of a stiff drink and a greasy fry-up.

This goes a long way to explaining why Wetherspoons has swamped the country since the seventies.

Founder Tim Martin has made a fortune by tapping into our innate cultural desire to sit in a warm, dark, comfortable room away from the rain - with affordable booze and decent grub at our fingertips.

Nowadays, Spoons are like mice; they're loved by some, they scare the shit out of others, and you're never more than a few feet away from one.

JD Wetherspoon

Like many cities, Manchester readily embraced the Spoons invasion when it arrived. We've now got eight of these pubs within 3 miles of the city centre and many more further afield.

But out of all these drinking dens, which is most popular with Mancunians? We asked you for your verdict and this was the response...

The comments revealed the five best boozers in Greater Manchester to be:

  1. The Moon Under Water, Deansgate
  2. The Paramount, Oxford Street
  3. The Gateway, Didsbury
  4. The Wilfred Wood, Hazel Grove
  5. The Sedge Lynn, Chorlton

There were also special mentions for The Smithy Fold in Glossop and The Waterhouse near St Peter's Square.

Among the least popular were The Calverts Court in Stockport (which one user called akin to "watching the evolution of man"), the Piccadilly Wetherspoons (described as something "David Attenborough would narrate") and the The Harbord Harbord in Middleton (for its "piss smell").

JD Wetherspoon

Some commenters had much simpler tastes, considering the best Spoons to be the ones that bucked the chain's normal architectural trend of 100 steps leading to the bathroom.

If you regard this debate far from settled, let us know what you think is the best pub in the comments section below.

Given the volume of Wethers in the North West, there's always the chance we missed one...

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