Buzzin’ About: What we did in Greater Manchester this week (02/03)


We're on a never-ending mission here at The Manc. 

Our team is constantly attempting to sample the very best that the city has to offer - and we think it's time to start sharing all of these experiences with our readers.

Given the ever-growing, always-changing features of our city's face, it's an ambitious task. But we're passionate about Greater Manchester and we know you are too.

Therefore, we're launching a brand new series.

"Buzzin' About" sheds light on what we're loving most in Manchester in any given week - with members of The Manc's team looking back on their local adventures from the past week or so.

Our very first batch is below, and it's a real mixed bag - from covering comfort food to fitness communities.



We thought Bec might have suffered a fall when she announced she was signing up for F45 - one of the most demanding fitness centres in Manchester.

But, a month on, she insists it was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Combining circuit training with HIIT classes, F45 puts participants' stamina to the test whilst bringing everyone together in a sweaty, tight-knit community. It's unimaginably tough, but it leaves you feel f***ing brilliant in the long-run.

Bec says: "I started training at F45 at the beginning of February and absolutely love it.

"I do 45 minutes of HIIT training every morning, and it's completely changed my outlook on fitness as it's never really something I've enjoyed before now. It's genuinely fun.

"There's a really nice community feel, team training, everyone is really friendly and the coaches make you feel comfortable. Plus it's helped my social anxiety and also strengthened my lower back."

Learn more about F45 here.



Everyman seems to represent the next chapter of British cinemas.

For many years, we saw a huge rise in the number of Vues and Odeons, which focused on delivering a metropolis-style picture-house experience with huge screens and even bigger popcorn.

But Everyman venues shift away from the boisterous, sprawling Americanised theatre in favour of classier, luxurious movie-watching.

Our Steph visited last week and loved it, saying: "I really enjoyed the food and drinks there, I had the pizza, fries and a tasty milkshake!

"The venue is really cool and has a relaxing environment and you can go there to enjoy a drink even if you’re not watching a film!

"In the screens, you sit down on a comfy couch and can have food and drinks taken over to you before the film starts - bonus points for serving cocktails too!"

Learn more about Everyman here.


Erst Mcr

It's easy to lose track of what's in Ancoats these days.

More restaurants and bars are moving to the neighbourhood than ever - and there's one real gem that might have slipped under your radar.

Erst quietly settled into the region during 2019, and according to our brand lead, Anna, it's well worth a visit...

"It was my second visit to Erst, the Natural Wine Bar and seasonal small plates restaurant in Ancoats and it was just as fantastic as I remember.

"Everything from the friendly and warm service, to the selection of wines to the diverse and interesting menu, everything was just bang on.

"It was a typical rainy February evening and the modest-sized space was packed with friends catching up, date nights and content looking faces.

"Stand out dishes were the pork collar, the roast potatoes and the flatbread with gremolata and lardo was to die for. I urge you to go."

Learn more about Erst here.

Double Zero

Rudy's is widely accepted as the best pizza place in Manchester.

The Cutting Room Square fixture has been featured on lists alongside the best pizza restaurants in Europe, but according to our head of video, Tim, it has a serious rival right up the road.

Double Zero has been held in high regard with Chorlton residents for some time, but now its reputation is growing.

Tim says: "Double 0 is one of my favourite spots in Manchester.

"Based in Chorlton this authentic Napoli style pizzeria serves delicious fresh dough out of their centre-piece wood fired oven, it's also BYOB!

"They're always busy and there's always a good vibe in there. Build your own pizza or pick from their range.


Learn more about Double Zero here.

We'll be publishing our recommendations every week from here on in, so be sure to follow The Manc to stay in the loop.

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