We might have just found the scariest mask on the internet


Allow us to present the scariest disguise ever created

It's not Leatherface. Not Jason. Not Ghostface.

No, this is a whole new kind of nightmare.

This is Baked Bean Breakfast Face.


I honestly never thought it would be possible to turn a fry-up into a face mask, let alone one so blood-curdling.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Decorated entirely in bright-burning orange beans, this L&S Prints Foam veil has bacon for eyebrows, eggs for eyes, a tomato for the nose, and a sausage for the mouth.

It's grease-soaked lycra that takes terror to new levels. And it will haunt my dreams forever.

I wonder if I'll ever manage to eat a cooked breakfast without crying now?

Get one for whatever reason you'd need one here.

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