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An over-30s club night with an early bedtime returns to Manchester this week

Day Fever is BACK.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 28th June 2024

Sod your 18-30 holidays – we’re all about the new 30+ club night that’s taking the UK by storm, and returns to Manchester in July.

Day Fever will be bringing its hugely popular daytime disco back to New Century on 6 July for a big old knees-up (even if your knees are a bit creaky).

The events usually sell out way in advance, but at the time of writing there are still a handful of tickets available for this next event.

There’s overwhelming demand for Day Fever events here in Manchester, the city where our over-30s were the ones at the forefront the Hacienda heyday – aka, people who know how to party.

Created by Line of Duty and This Is England star Vicky McClure, Day Fever comes with a strict age limit and promises to have you in bed by your normal time.


It’s also co-founded by Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure (no relation), who you’ll often spot behind the DJ decks.

It’s described as ‘the daytime disco that doesn’t ruin your Sunday.’


Unlike most club nights, where you’re not even walking in until 10pm and bracing yourself to throw your usual sleep routine out the window, this one kicks off at 3pm. How civilised!

It also wraps up by 8pm, so you have a plethora of post-clubbing meals on your doorstep instead of being lumped with a late-night kebab.

Since its launch, Day Fever has been selling out in cities across the UK, including here in Manchester over the past weekend.


There are nostalgic TV shows, films and adverts shown on a big screen during the events.

Tickets for Day Fever’s Manchester event on 6 July are on sale now priced at £12.06 – you can get yours through Dice.

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Featured image: Day Fever