Crazy Pedro’s claps back at ‘influencer’ looking for a free meal

Crazy Pedro's has spoken out after one too many influencers ask for free food in return for 'collaborating'.

The Manc The Manc - 9th June 2021

Influencers getting free stuff. It’s a given in today’s social media fuelled society. But for the hospitality industry, it’s the bane of their lives.

In 2020, if you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and consider yourself a bit of a looker, then it’s quite an easy task to become someone who never has to buy clothes ever again. In fashion social media it’s called gifting, and it’s a mutually beneficial process that has become one of the key fundamentals of marketing. It just it works, and good for them.

What isn’t a mutually beneficial process, however, is attempting to get free food and drinks at an establishment full of hard working hospitality staff who are doing everything they can to keep their venues afloat at the tail end of a pandemic.

But alas, ‘restaurant Insta’ is being constantly bombarded with DMs from influencers who no longer believe in paying for anything, and Crazy Pedro’s has had enough of it.

Posting on their social media accounts tonight, after receiving one DM too many, Pedro’s outed their latest potential ‘collaborator’.


“READ THE ROOM,” the post begins with.

It continues: “We’ve been open 4/5 months tops out of the last 14 and just last week closed one of our venues in the interest of staff and customers safety – whilst you’re out here after a bit of free food?


“We’re all for a bit of promotion so why not pay us a visit and shout about our ‘yummy food 😋’ along with every other venue you’ve probably copy and pasted the message to? It’s a no from us unfortunately but we’ll save you a table should you wish to join us as a paying customer.”

It seems their frustration is universal, with both comment sections on Instagram and Facebook popping off with support.

One person wrote: “I like the way they said ‘collaborate’ instead of free food. Just utter disrespect. I will be dropping by hopefully soon as craving that Chippy Tea Pizza that I will happily buy.”

Crazy Pedro’s

Hospitality in the UK has had it terrible during the pandemic. The majority of pubs, bars and restaurants have only recently been able to reopen, with plenty only managing it by the skin of their teeth.

Right now, and for the rest of the year (and beyond), we should be supporting these venues by putting money in their tills and tips in their pockets.

Don’t be THAT person. Pay for your meal and enjoy the benefits of good hospitality – and put them on your f****** Instagram story because of that.

To do all of the above, book a table at Crazy Pedro’s now.