This Manchester bar is giving away unlimited pints of AF beer this January

This is your call to get back to the pub, sharpish.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 10th January 2022

A bar in Manchester is giving away unlimited pints throughout January – meaning that for the price of one pint you can drink as many as you like this month.

The catch? The deal’s only available on draught alcohol-free beers as part of a Dry January promotion, which hopes to encourage more Mancs to try the alcohol-free versions created from its best-selling beer range.

BrewDog, which has two bars and a ‘dog house’ hotel in Manchester city centre, has revealed it is giving away bottomless pints of its alcohol-free draft options all month in a bid to encourage more mindful drinking and get people back into the pub.

Image: BrewDog

Bestsellers like the original Punk IPA are available in the offer, just transformed to remove the alcoholic part- forming Punk AF, soon to be your new favourite Dry Jan alternative.

Elsewhere, you’ll also find other popular AF alternatives like Elvis AF, Lost AF, and Nanny State – giving you all the flavour, just without the percentage.


And there’s more, too. To coincide with the arrival of Dry January, BrewDog has just released a new, tiki-inspired AF draught fruit punch beer for the occasion. Called ‘Made For Us’, the alcohol-free fruit beer, created by Square Root, is served over ice to make it extra refreshing.

Image: BrewDog

Given it’s Dry January and our pockets are wrung dry, feeling the full force of the festive aftermath, BrewDog’s venues in Manchester are getting savvy by offering up unlimited non-alcoholic pints to make their non-alcoholic options even more affordable.


If you’re new to a lack of alcoholic booze and seriously wanting a pint, it’s a place where you can seek solitude and enjoy a draft beer to soothe the Dry January jitters- all without the ‘getting drunk’ part.

Essentially, you can get free refills of all your favourite pints for the price of one- what’s not to love about that?

The ‘Brewdog & Beyond Burger’, a completely vegan monster burger made with a beyond meat patty, vegan black pudding, onion rings and seasoned vine tomatoes. / Image: BrewDog

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The bar’s also getting in on Veganuary, with a 2 4 1 offer on its vegan and vegetarian mains this month – all created in collaboration with friends at Beyond Meat, Biffs, Temple of Seitan, Moving Mountains and THI.

That means you can enjoy the likes of its BrewDog & Beyond Burger, a completely vegan monster burger made with a beyond meat patty, vegan black pudding, onion rings and seasoned vine tomatoes, for free when you order a second meal alongside.

To get the 2 4 1 food offer, all you need to do is sign up using this link to get a voucher you can use throughout the month.

We’ll see you at the bar.

Feature image – BrewDog