Petition launched to stop beloved Failsworth landlord – who poured life savings into pub – from deportation

Russell Young, the owner of the 200-year-old Manchester pub The Sun Inn, is being told to leave the country due to visa issues.

The Manc The Manc - 3rd June 2021

Thousands of locals have rushed to sign a petition and prevent a popular Manchester landlord from being deported by the government.

Russell Young, who is originally from Melbourne in Australia, moved to Failsworth four years ago to be with his partner and took up residence in local pub The Sun Inn.

The pair ploughed their savings into the local pub to prevent it being purchased by developers, but after months of enforced closure during the pandemic, Mr Young has been stopped from hitting the necessary earnings threshold for a living visa in the UK.

Now the Home Office is telling Mr Young he must leave the country after rejecting the pub landlord’s appeal, leaving him with just 14 days to try to overturn the result.

The Sun Inn in Failsworth / Image: Facebook

The move means Russell now faces having to leave Tracie and his family behind in the UK while being left homeless in Australia.


His partner, Tracie Young, who first worked in the pub as a barmaid in 1986, before returning as bar manager in 2015, said it has left the duo “in an impossible situation”.

She stated: “Despite the difficulty of running a pub in the pandemic, we finished our first year in business with a profit. 


“Throughout this year so many people have been separated from their loved ones – and now, through no fault of our own, our life together is at risk.”

Ms Young added: “How can we just walk away from what russ invested and close the door on The Sun Inn? Where would we live and work?

“I’ve [got] no answers all I know is we need help.” 


A petition urging the Home Office to reconsider their decision has received almost 5,000 signatures, whilst a GoFundMe page has raised the best part of £1,000.

Ms Young has described the support so far as “mindblowing”.

“Thank you so so much for your support words cannot express just how grateful we are,” she added.

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