A new restaurant selling all things Mac and Cheese has opened in Manchester

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 19th April 2022

A new restaurant selling all things macaroni and cheese has opened in Manchester and we can’t stop drooling over the menu.

Describing themselves as ‘comfort food dealers’, new gourmet kitchen Mac & Co specialise in all things macaroni and cheese with a host of different flavours and toppings to choose from.

Selling nine different styles of the oozy, gooey nostalgia classic, you’ll find them right in the heart of Manchester city centre with a store based inside the Arndale shopping centre.

Mac choices include a hot and creamy buffalo blue cheese mac made with Frank’s hot sauce and a BBQ pulled pork mac with lashings of smoky sauce.

Image: Mac & Co

Further meaty choices include macs loaded with chicken and chorizo, crispy bacon or crispy chilli chicken tenders respectively, all served with an addictive, crunchy house-made crispy onion topping designed to be sprinkled on top for added texture and general moreishness.


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Elsewhere, you’ll find veggie-friendly options stuffed with red or green pesto and buffalo mozzarella (an absolute must for creating that stringy cheese pull), roasted mushroom and truffle oil mac, and a signature three-cheese house mac topped with shavings of nutty Grana Padano and fresh parsley.

Image: Mac & Co

All pasta dishes here are made with a secret béchamel sauce using a closely-guarded three-cheese recipe that the chefs are keep very close to their chest.

Inspired by the owners travels to New York City, the restaurant has just opened in Manchester and is available to enjoy sitting in or as a takeaway order via Deliveroo.

It has multiple sites in London in locations including Fulham, Wimbledon, Tower Bridge, Lavender Hill, Chelsea, Angel and Islington, and now it’s branching out into the north – opening its first site outside of the capital right here in Manchester.

Image: Mac & Co

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Alongside its popular mac and cheese dishes, you can also order sides like fries, a simple salad or chicken tenders, alongside a range of soft drinks.

To see the full menu, you can. visit Mac & Co’s Deliveroo order page here.

Feature image – Mac & Co