The Manc - A pub in Rochdale is offering free hotel rooms for anyone who can't self-isolate at home"

A pub in Rochdale is offering free hotel rooms for anyone who can’t self-isolate at home

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A pub in Rochdale is offering a place for people to hole up amid the coronavirus panic.

The Flying Horse, which has been part of the town for more than 300 years and won CAMRA's Greater Manchester Pub of the Year Award in 2019, is vowing to stay open as long as possible to help people in need.

In an inspiring post on social media, the pub declared:

"Remember we are a hotel, rooms are available and if you need a room let us know! If it’s so you don’t endanger a vulnerable person at home with C19 and find yourself temporarily homeless the room will be free of charge!"

Ladies & Gentlemen of Rochdale, It seems as good a time as any to throw some good old fashioned British commonsense...

Posted by The Flying Horse Hotel on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

In the inspiring message, The Flying Horse pointed out that the pub has "endured some of humanity’s biggest threats", listing "smallpox, Spanish flu, 6 recessions, 2 world wars, the rise and fall of an empire, the start and end to our involvement in Europe, napoleon, hitler and mr blobby" as examples.

The owners also encouraged local residents to come together, stating: "What we are saying Rochdale...just do what we have always done! Care for our neighbors [sic], our needy, our families but more than that care for the strangers down the street!

"The Flyer will stay open as long as we can, we will always welcome you beautiful Rochdalians into our old pub and help where we can."

The Flying Horse/Facebook

The post (which you can read in full here) has received more than 500 likes on Facebook and has been shared more than 200 times across the social media network.

That's the spirit, Rochdale.

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