Manchester United star Antony’s ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, speaks out publicly for the first time after abuse allegations

She described her time with him as being like 'private captivity'.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st June 2023

The ex-girlfriend of Manchester United winger Antony, Gabriela Cavallin, has spoken out publicly for the first time following allegations of domestic abuse earlier this month.

The 23-year-old was accused of domestic violence including assault, bodily injury and threatening behaviour on four different occasions dating between July 2022 and as recently as 20 May, with one incident reportedly taking place when she was 17 weeks pregnant.

Cavallin, 22, has since gone on national television to discuss the ongoing investigation, providing extended details surrounding the multiple instances alleged and other information not previously mentioned in the initial reports.

Speaking on Brazil’s second-biggest news show, Report TV, she equated living with Antony to being in “private captivity”, describing him as “an extremely aggressive and impatient person”.

Antony dos Santos’ ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, speaks out publicly about her alleged abuse for the first time on Brazilian TV.

As the translation of the interview reads, the DJ and influencer explained how the United player abused her whilst she was roughly three months pregnant, not allowing her to leave the house and even apparently threatening that their unborn son would “die” if they broke up.


Describing the first case of abuse last year, she said: “He held me by both arms, threw me on the bed and fell on top of me, causing my silicone prosthesis [breast implants] to dislocate. At the time, it gave me such a shortness of breath that it looked like I was going to die.”

Cavallin says she went on to require surgery and a total of 40 stitches to correct the displacement, adding that in one instance, “He threw water on me, started kicking me, grabbed me by the hair, headbutted and left me with a cut”.


She also detailed more of the controlling behaviour, explaining how the former Ajax man broke her suitcase and mobile phone, as well as taking her suitcase and passport to stop her from leaving. As she puts it, she was “a prisoner from 10pm to almost 3.30am” and not even his mother could stop it.

As noted in the initial police report, there was one instance when Antony’s mother supposedly called his physio to ask for help but to no avail, with Cavallin insisting that “no one could control it.” Report TV even showed a police report from another woman filing claims of violence against the Brazil international.

DJ Gabi, as she is known to her fans, said it got to the point where she just “wanted to get out of there” but that her former partner warned she wouldn’t be able to leave until she erased all evidence of the abuse that she ultimately went on to submit to local police.


It is worth noting that there have been some inconsistencies surrounding the reporting of the timeline of events, but Cavallin says she “do whatever it takes” to get justice, insisting, “I’ll go to England to report the assault, failure to help, false imprisonment, psychological abuse — everything he did to me.”

She cut a clearly emotional figure throughout, tearing up on a number of occasions and revealing how she has been left with both “physical and psychological trauma” as a result of his treatment.

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The young artist and social media personality concluded her interview with a heartbreaking line, stating: “He was my best dream and then he became my worst nightmare. He got both”.

As yet, neither Antony himself nor United are yet to issue a response to the claims, but they show no signs of going away.

You can see the full interview with subtitles down below:


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Featured Image — RecordTV (via Twitter)/Antony Santos (via Instagram)