Bewildered shopper finds bag filled with adult toys abandoned at Prestwich store

Anyone lost a bag of adult toys with a letter inside? You left them behind a Farmfoods store in Prestwich.

A shopper made the surprising discovery after wandering around the back of the supermarket on Tuesday (18 August) morning.

Speaking to the MEN, the person heard a noise and “went to check what it was”, only to spot a bin bag filled to the brim with naughty goods.

Bit of a startling sight during your morning shop.

Inside the bag, amid the rubble of adult toys, was a letter addressed to someone.

Apparently the gifts have since been posted on social media by the shopper’s friend in a bid to find their rightful owner.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this person is yet to come forward.

The shopper added: “My friend has them now, but she says she’s going to take them to the tip as she can’t find a person by the name on the letter and no one is coming forward.

“They are probably worth some money.”

Yikes. If they are yours, you better hurry.