Tesco slashes price of Christmas chocolate to as low as £2.50

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Christmas has been and gone, but somehow, there’s still a tonne of chocolate that needs eating up.

Just ask Tesco.

The giant supermarket has hundreds of chocolate tubs leftover from the holidays… and now they're giving them away at a discount price.

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For an unspecified time, Tesco is trimming the prices of Heroes, Celebrations, Quality Street and Roses 600g tubs from £4 down to £2.50.

Even if you can’t face any more chocolate right now, it’s still worth pouncing on this bargain whilst you can.

These tubs will keep for ages, so you can tuck them away for safe-keeping or use them as cheeky gifts for upcoming birthdays.

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It's worth noting that the deal is only valid when you purchase chocolate in store, with tubs remaining £4 online.

You can remind yourself of the opening times of your local Tesco here.

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