Escaped pelican from Blackpool Zoo continues to evade capture

The baby bird is on the move.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 14th August 2023

A pelican that escaped from Blackpool Zoo is still on the run, after dodging zookeepers on a local beach.

The bird is only 14 weeks old and went missing from the wildlife attraction at around 2pm on 4 August.

The young bird was scared by a flock of seagulls and subsequently tried to fly onto the roof of the flamingo house, but was taken by a gust of wind.

Since then there’s been a desperate search to find it, as the animal is young and vulnerable.

The pelican is described as being around 4ft tall, with brown feathers, and looks… like a pelican.


It was last spotted at Granny’s Bay near Lytham on Friday.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Zoo said: “Our keepers travelled straight to the site and located the bird alive, looking well and on the sea. They waded out and were within metres, but the pelican flew away.


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“We would urge people in the area to be vigilant and, if they do see the pelican, take a picture and send it to us on 07799 226908 as soon as possible.

“Please do not approach the pelican as it will fly away. We would like to thank the public and press for all their help.”

Blackpool Zoo added that several people have been reporting sightings of the pelican which have turned out to be herons or gannets, so stressed the importance of sending photos with their reports.


Most sightings have been along the coastline and near inland bodies of water. Get back home safe and sound soon, little mate.

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Featured Image — Blackpool Zoo