Cheshire drug dealer known by the name ‘Monstermunchman’ jailed for 18 years

No, we're not making that name up.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 27th July 2023

A notorious Cheshire drug dealer who went by the name ‘Monstermunchman’ has been handed a lengthy jail sentence.

Jamie Joseph Veale appeared at Liverpool Crown Court earlier this week after previously pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs, and has subsequently been handed jail time due to being found responsible for the supply of around 17kg of cocaine through an encrypted device.

Using the handle ‘Monstermunchman’, Cheshire Police explained that the 32-year-old from Widnes used EncroChat to run his large-scale conspiracy.

If you’re not familiar with EncroChat, it was a once-secretive communications network that was used exclusively by serious and organised criminals, all before it was cracked by international law enforcement back in May 2020.

After the network was brought down, Cheshire Police became part of a significant operation led by the National Crime Agency, and after joining forces and working together with the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit and the Crown Prosecution Service, this eventually led to Veale being identified as a suspect.


Data obtained from a three-week period between 19 May and 13 June 2020 showed Veale using EncroChat to operate as “a high-level purveyor of drugs”, according to Cheshire Police – with the 32-year-old being seen to negotiate prices for kilo amounts of class A drugs, and ultimately being found responsible for the supply of at least 17kg of cocaine.

Apparently, even though Veale had “no visible signs of income”, detectives found that he would regularly talk on EncroChat of staying in luxury villas overseas for months at a time, and going on extravagant holidays, as well as claiming to own a jet ski and a haul designer watches.


On Monday 29 June 2020, Cheshire Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit

Jamie Joseph Veale from Widnes has been handed an 18 year jail sentence / Credit: Cheshire Police

After executing a warrant back in June 2020, officers raided Veale’s home and found multiple mobile devices, cash, a large amount of designer jewellery and clothing, and drug related paraphernalia – which led to him being arrested and charged with drugs supply offences.

“Despite having no job, Veale reaped the benefits of his criminal activity, owning luxury items and going on expensive trips abroad,” explained Detective Sergeant Christian Gordon.


“He was responsible for the supply of a substantial amount of cocaine and ran his conspiracy through a platform he believed would keep him under the radar… [but] thanks to hard work, he is now facing a lengthy spell behind bars.”

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DS Gordon admitted that although this case is now closed, Cheshire Police’s “fight against those intent on bringing illegal drugs into our communities” is still ongoing.

Featured Image – Cheshire Police