Could these knives with square tips be the answer to rise in knife crime?


A company is aiming to tackle knife crime with a specially-designed cutlery collection.

Stabbings have reached a record high in Britain and the situation has gotten too close to home for comfort; as a series of violent attacks put Piccadilly Gardens at crisis point this month.

With a viable solution continuing to evade authorities, cutlery designer, Viners, has decided to do its bit by producing a new selection of knives with square ends  – and they're getting a lot of attention.


The Assure Collection contains instruments that are “highly functional for the modern cook”, but with soft ends to ensure “the tip does not pierce skin intentionally or otherwise.”

A press release from Viners stated: “With knife-related crime incidents at a record high and a reported 285 fatalities in the last 12 months alone, the UK government has taken the decision to reclassify kitchen knives as an offensive weapon with the new Offensive Weapons Act 2019, leading some retailers to remove single knives from sale in retail stores.”

“The new Assure collection from Viners has been created in response to this new legislation, with the team extensively testing a new shape knife that is highly functional for the modern cook but shaped to reduce and prevent injuries, accidents and fatalities.”


Priced at £15.99 (or £3.99 for a single knife), the reasonably priced set will be available to buy online from 16th February from the Viners website.

They’ll also be in Dunelm stores by the weekend.

Meanwhile, the stabbings in Piccadilly Gardens have resulted in emergency meetings held between Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police.

Organisations apparently agreed on a “number of actions to safeguard the public”.

What are your thoughts on these knives? Are they the answer, or is it too little too late? Let us know.

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