Council unveils ‘future vision’ for Chorlton’s high street as it sets out redevelopment plans

The Greater Manchester public is being asked for their thoughts and feedback.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th February 2024

Manchester residents are being asked for their views on the ‘future vision’ of Chorlton’s high street as redevelopment plans have now been set out.

With the aim of making sure the neighbourhood stays an “attractive, welcoming, and accessible space” for local people and visitors to enjoy for decades to come, Manchester City Council has now launched a public consultation into the redevelopment of Chorlton’s main high street and immediate surrounding areas.

New artist impression images of the project have also been released.

The draft ‘Public Realm Plan’ is part of a city-wide focus on local district centres to ensure they can “benefit from emerging regeneration opportunities”, according to the Council.

With a number of development opportunities for the Manchester suburb now in the works and set to take shape over the coming years, the Council says this is a “timely opportunity” to put in place a vision for how the high street could look in the future, and open the plans up to the public for their thoughts and feedback.


The plans look to create a “distinct” district centre, with benefits for the local commercial, retail, and food and drink offering, all a part of them.

The ‘future vision’ for Chorlton’s high street has now been unveiled / Credit: Manchester City Council

Cllr Gavin White, who is the Executive Member for Housing and Development at Manchester City Council, called Chorlton’s high street the “beating heart of the community” as the redevelopment plans went out to public consultation this week.


He commented: “We have made a clear commitment to focus on our district centres across Manchester and ensure our local high streets are vibrant, attractive, and welcoming spaces for local people and visitors.

“These centres are the beating hearts of our communities, and their strength is in providing a range of vital local services on the doorsteps of our residents. The economic prosperity of these spaces is directly linked to the prosperity of the wider local neighbourhood, and the right investment is crucial to support their continued success. 

“Chorlton will welcome a number of key developments in the coming months and years, and this is the community’s opportunity to help guide how their high street and public spaces will look and feel in the years ahead.”


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The public consultation on the redevelopment of Chorlton’s high street is now live and will remain open online until 19 March, as well as there being two in-person events on Thursday 7 March from 3-7pm at Chorlton Central Church, and on Sunday 9 March from 1-4pm at Oswald Road Primary School.

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Featured Image – Manchester City Council