Euro 2020 clean up will cost ‘millions’ as beer bottles and flags fill the streets

Research by waste collection experts,, has shown that the clean-up bill for Euro 2020 final celebrations will end up costing millions.

The Manc The Manc - 12th July 2021

It has been estimated that the clean up after the Euro 2020 final could cost “millions” as beer bottles, flags and more are seen strewn on the streets.

It was a triumphant run to the final by a team that captured the hearts of the nation and brought people together after a tough 15 months, but millions right across the UK have woken up this morning to the reality that Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions squad couldn’t quite clinch the win to bring home England’s first international victory since 1966.

The weight of a crushing defeat isn’t the only thing we’ve woken up to though.

With shocking scenes of litter piling up on the streets of central London and other major UK cities having emerged on social media this morning, research by waste collection experts,, has shown that the clean-up bill for Euro 2020 final celebrations will end up costing millions of pounds.

As well as the countless images and videos found on social media and in media outlets, a short video by TikTok user H0rridhenryz has gone viral this morning, showing the sheer scale of the litter left behind on the streets of the capital.


“This is disgusting,” the video explained.

It was predicted prior to kick-off that local councils would struggle with the excess waste generated by fans, particularly by groups of people using public spaces to celebrate without being mindful of the costs of cleaning up afterwards.


“It’s understandable that people wanted to have a few drinks,” said Mark Hall, Communications Director at, “but the cost of cleaning these areas can really stretch waste management budgets.

“It has a real knock-on effect for local authorities.”

Bars and pubs are too struggling with the excess waste generated by football fans, with some venues having reported as much as four times the amount of their usual weekly waste.


According to, last night alone, England will of discarded:

  • 150,000 plastic pint glasses
  • 200,000 kebab and takeaway trays
  • 100,000 pizza boxes
  • 150,000 England flags
  • One million glass bottles

With the game going to extra time and penalties, this also meant that an extra £10,000 would have been added to each local council’s street cleaning bill – as anxious fans grabbed a few more drinks and a takeaway to settle their nerves.

Mark Hall continue: “As a nation, we were all looking forward to watching England play in the final – however, it won’t just be fans waking up with a hangover today.

“Companies, waste collection teams and local councils will also have a costly environmental hangover to deal with.”

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