Girl who survived 40ft fall decorates bridge with messages of hope for others

Olivia Bartlett/Facebook

On 4 March 2018, Olivia Bartlett took what she thought would be her last step. 

She leapt off a motorway bridge and plunged 40ft to the ground.

But unlike the five others who'd jumped from the very same spot, Olivia survived.

She suffered 15 broken bones and underwent two operations at Salford Royal, before spending three months in a specialist facility to improve her mental health.

These days, Olivia goes back to the bridge not to jump, but to stop others from doing so.

Olivia Bartlett/Facebook

The young girl shared her incredible story on social media this month - along with images of uplifting, handwritten messages that could potentially save lives.

Since her recovery, Olivia has also tracked down the man who found her unconscious and remained with her until the police arrived.

She credits him with saving her life.

Olivia Bartlett/Facebook

Sharing her story with TalkToday, Olivia signed off with a message for anyone suffering with mental health problems:

"Mental health is nothing to be embarrassed about it’s also so important! your mental health can effect you so much it’s scary, please talk to people if you ever feel down or alone this was the thing I messed up on don’t lock your feelings up!

"Keep your head up, hard times do pass ..."

This is a life experience of a young lady who has experienced both sides of mental health, she had been suicidal and...

Posted by Duane TalkToday on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The image of the bridge, decorated with Olivia's notes, has racked up more than 36,000 likes on Facebook - with dozens of comments calling her "brave" and "strong."

Read the inspirational full story on the TalkToday page.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health, visit the NHS website for support.

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