Greater Manchester set for £69.5m ‘world-class’ transport network, The Manc

Greater Manchester set for £69.5m ‘world-class’ transport network

New Metrolink stops, rail stations and bus routes are all part of the plans for a multi-million transformation of Greater Manchester’s transport system.
Greater Manchester set for £69.5m ‘world-class’ transport network, The Manc

Mayor Andy Burnham has announced £69.5 million will be dedicated to turning the region’s transport network into a ‘world-class’ system.


Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will be considering the new strategy – which involves the renovation of local rail stations and adding more stops to the Metrolink service. 

Improvements are also set to be made to bus networks, whilst additional electric vehicle charging points will be installed across all 10 boroughs. 

The Mayor said the new network would help to reduce social isolation and “build stronger and better-connected communities” following the pandemic. 


Burnham stated: “As we look forward to our recovery, I am determined to speed up the delivery on a world-class, integrated public transport system in Greater Manchester.

“This package of improvements is designed to do just that and lay further foundations for Our Network vision for public transport. It will bring new services to communities with some of the poorest links, as well as improving access for people where it is most needed.”

Greater Manchester set for £69.5m ‘world-class’ transport network, The Manc

The funding is being proposed as: 

  • £20m to develop quality bus transit schemes
  • £15m for a new rail station at Golborne
  • £7m contribution to the Network Rail Greek Street bridge project in Stockport.
  • £2.5m funding business cases for new rail stations and Metrolink stops
  • £2m investment in a new Travel Hub, including Park and Ride, at Tyldesley.
  • £10m in match funding for EV charging posts across all ten local authorities.
  • £3.3m for Access for All Funding for next priority stations, including Swinton.
  • Up to £10m for further scheme development

Leader of Wigan Council David Molyneux called the prospective new station at Golborne “superb news”. 

“It will connect the town and the wider area with Wigan, Manchester, Cumbria and the airport, providing more opportunities for our residents, reducing traffic on local roads and regenerating Golborne’s economy,” said Molyneux. 

“This is the result of a lot of hard work, including from the local community, and I want to thank everyone who pushed hard for this to become a reality. This isn’t the end of the process, we still need to make the business case to government and our partners, but this will mean we have the money to deliver if we get the go-ahead.”

The upcoming investment is set to be the biggest revamp of local transportation since the £243m Transforming Cities Fund was made available in March 2018 – a pot used to fund walking and cycling infrastructure within the Bee Network and new Metrolink trams. 


The Greater Manchester 2040 Transport Strategy is also being republished – with an aim to make 50% of journeys in the city-region conducted via public transport, bike or foot within 19 years.

More information on the 2040 Transport Strategy is available online.

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