Hilton Deansgate hosting light display to celebrate return of hospitality

The initiative, entitled Light Up MCR, features a countdown taking place across 22 floors.

The Manc The Manc - 11th May 2021

A huge light display is shining from Beetham Tower until May 17 in celebration of the imminent return of indoor hospitality.

The famous Deansgate structure features a giant countdown across the 22 floors of the Hilton – using its floor-to-ceiling windows and bedroom lights to mark the number of days left until the hotel’s ‘full’ reopening.

The initiative, titled Light Up MCR, will conclude with the building lit up in the shape of a heart – ‘highlighting the community spirit that has kept the Manchester hotel industry afloat throughout the pandemic’.

The countdown is being held ion collaboration with the Manchester Hoteliers Association (MHA) – a non-profit organisation of the key hotels within the Greater Manchester area. The Hilton’s Cloud 23 bar is set to open for industry workers, supporters and members of the MHA on May 17.

Adrian Ellis, Chair of the MHA, said: “Light Up MCR is a brilliant opportunity for all who are connected to the hospitality industry to celebrate the reopening of our beloved sector.


“Over the past 12 months we’ve faced huge challenges, as tight restrictions in our region have resulted in an extended period in which hospitality has been closed.

“Facing such difficulties would have been insurmountable had it not been for the enduring community spirit which carried the sector through.”


He added: “The culture of support and kindness in the Manchester hospitality sector has been unrivalled, so to have an occasion, like Light Up MCR, where all of the industry can celebrate its return is really heartwarming. We hope lots of people will turn out and show support.”

Adam Reckert, General Manager of the Hilton Manchester Deansgate, said that he was “delighted to be able to support the MHA in a way that can help unify Manchester’s hospitality industry”.

Hospitality workers will be able to enjoy complimentary and discounted drinks in Hilton’s champagne and cocktail bar, Cloud23, on the night of May 17.

Tickets can be secured by contacting a General Manager.