‘I got 99 problems don’t make the beach one’ – flyers appear in Blackpool urging tourists to keep seaside clean

Photo @cjgriffphoto

We’ve had many events happen over the recent weeks which we could describe as unprecedented – but having the sunniest spring since records began in 1929 is certainly one of them.

Whilst lockdown measures have gradually been lifted, thousands flocked to Britain’s beaches – leaving behind a tonne of litter in the process. 

Blackpool beach had been enjoying some well-deserved downtime from tourists, which had shown in its beautifully crystal clear sea waters.

But when rules eased, the floodgates opened and the beaches were full once more – scattered with rubbish, food waste and sometimes much worse…

But some locals are refusing to let tourists get away with dumping junk on the seafront – adding posters rebelling against the mess left behind.

Photo @cjgriffphoto

Each flyer contains an amusing yet important message to remind those visiting the area to get rid of their waste respectfully, including “I got 99 problems don’t make our beach one!”, “Trash talk – F**king bin it” and “Make sure your pick up lines are rubbish.”

The locals behind the flyers have been spotted cycling around the town with a bag full of posters and armed with paste.

Many other seaside communities and tourists spots have been campaigning to keep areas clean, with one girl in the peak district writing an angry open letter to visitors.

Members of Blackpool Council have also voiced their concern over the rubbish, pushing the #KeepBlackpoolTidy hashtag across social media.


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