The Manc - McDonald’s Monopoly is officially returning in March 2020"

McDonald’s Monopoly is officially returning in March 2020

Mike Mozart/Flickr

Maccies’ Monopoly is officially returning to restaurants this month - with millions of expected prizes up for grabs in 2020.

The popular game-playing giveaway usually lasts for about 40 days, giving fast food customers the chance to win free food, fast cars and flights to destinations around the world.

From 25 March, Monopoly will be back once again.

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The game works by collecting stickers attached to various Maccies products. Some guarantee an instant win, whereas others must be collected as part of a set.

Usually, the higher value items carry the best stickers. So, the bigger the meal (or pricier the product), the better chance you have of scooping a truly great prize.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

McDonald’s still need to confirm the prizes being offered for 2020 and which specific products will carry the stickers - but with the launch date for this year’s Monopoly looming, we’re expecting an announcement very soon.

Reckon this could be your lucky year?

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