New Netflix series White Lines drops tomorrow and it looks mint


The best way to watch any TV show for the first time is to go in cold. The less you know, the better the experience.

But sometimes this can be a tall order. When the internet gets excited about something, there’s just no avoiding the conversation.

Take the case of Netflix’s latest little nugget White Lines, for instance.

The racket surrounding this new crime series has grown louder by the day, with hubbub reaching deafening levels ahead of its incoming premiere (on Friday 15 May).

Most of us already know what the show will cover; and the synopsis has set expectations at a sky-high level.


White Lines follows a young woman visiting Ibiza to learn the truth about what happened to her brother; a Manchester DJ who disappeared on the Balearic Islands 20 years prior.

The project has been assembled by the writer of Money Heist and the producer of The Crown, and its roll call is littered with gifted actors like Laura Haddock (whose credits include Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inbetweeners Movie)

Whilst White Lines‘ promotional images suggest the high-octane plot will mostly unravel against the sun-soaked backdrop of a famous party island, flashback sequences will ensure Manchester also plays a strong supporting role throughout the ten-episode run.

Already being tipped as one of the biggest shows of the year, Alex Pina’s drama ought to serve as the ideal tonic to get you through the next stretch of lockdown.

Or this weekend at the very least.

‘White Lines’ will be released on Netflix on Friday, 15 May. Check out the trailer here…

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