New data reveals one Manchester postcode area as most burgled in UK

Not ideal.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 4th July 2024

A list of the the most burgled areas in the UK has been revealed, and it’s pretty grim reading for one local postcode.

That’s because, according to some new research that was recently carried out by Anglian Home Improvements to find out which are the most dangerous postcodes to be a homeowner in the UK, one of Manchester‘s largest residential areas has claimed the not-so-coveted top spot on the list, beating out other major cities along the way.

All based on the latest statistics, the research has revealed that the M1 postcode area – which contains a total of 962 individual postcodes, and is home to around 1.2 million Mancs – is the most burgled postcode nationally.

The M1 postcode area covers Manchester city centre, Ancoats, Ardwick, Cheetham Hill, and parts of Prestwich and Blackley too.

According to the research, this particular postcode was the victim of 14,200 burglaries over the last 12 months alone, which works out to around one for every 84 people, or one in every 35 houses. 


Top 10 Most Dangerous UK Postcodes

  1. Manchester – 14,200 burglaries
  2. Birmingham – 13,000 burglaries
  3. Sheffield – 9,200 burglaries
  4. East London – 7,500 burglaries
  5. South East London – 6,900 burglaries
  6. Leeds – 6,500 burglaries
  7. South West London – 6,200 burglaries
  8. North London – 6,100 burglaries
  9. Oldham – 5,200 burglaries
  10. Doncaster – 5,200 burglaries
New data has revealed that one Manchester postcode area is the most burgled in the UK / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, the grim reading doesn’t end there, as M1 isn’t the only Greater Manchester postcode to feature in the top 10 either, as Oldham also takes the ninth spot on the list – with a total of 5,200 burglaries in 12 months.

Leeds, Sheffield, and Doncaster are the three other northern cities to feature in the top 10.


“It’s common knowledge that some areas of the country are so-called ‘safer’ than others, for various reasons,” admitted Rachel Munby, who is a home security expert at Anglian Home Improvements.

“But no matter where you live, it’s important to protect your home as best you can.

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“Simple actions such as securing entry points, and maintaining a visible presence, can significantly reduce the risk of burglaries, while ensuring you have up to date fittings on your home, with working doors and windows, can also help too.”

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