New study reveals Greater Manchester’s Christmas crime rate is one of the highest in the UK

Well, isn't this festive?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st December 2023

New research has revealed the UK regions that should expect to see a spike in crime over the festive season this year… and it’s pretty grim reading for Mancs.

That’s because Greater Manchester has been identified as a so-called Christmas crime ‘hotspot’.

For the second year running now, our region has found itself near the top of the list when it comes to seeing the highest rates of crime over the Christmas holidays, and according to a new study conducted by ADT, 2023 is unfortunately no different.

With what’s supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ only a few days away now, home security experts have decided to analyse crime rates from December 2020-2022, and have highlighted the percentage difference in crime during the festive period in a bid to reveal where ‘Christmas crime’ is most prevalent.

Cleveland Police still has the highest reported crime rate in 2023, according to the study, with approximately 147.7 recorded crimes per 1,000 population, and more than 5,000 police reports of burglaries in early 2023 – with ONS data revealing 79% of which were residential burglaries.


West Yorkshire Police also stays in second place, with crimes in the county having risen by 20% in 2023, going from a crime rate of 111.61 in December 2021, to 133.8 crimes per 1,000 population by March 2023.

And then, we have Greater Manchester.


Once again, Greater Manchester Police ranks third for the areas with the highest crime rates in England and Wales, with 129.7 crimes per 1,000 population. 

ADT’s research this year found that theft offences accounted for almost a third of all crimes committed in our region by March 2023, while residential burglaries and shoplifting had over 16,000 reported accounts, respectively.  

Top 10 Christmas crime ‘hotspots’ in the UK for 2023

RankPolice force areaCrime rate per 1,000 population
1Cleveland Police147.7
2West Yorkshire Police133.8
3Greater Manchester Police129.7
4West Midlands Police125.9
5Merseyside Police119.0
6South Yorkshire Police116.7
7Humberside Police108.1
8Durham Police101.8
9Gwent Police101.8
10Metropolitan Police100.2

Home security expert Michele Bennett, who is ADT UK’s General Manager, has shared some tips on how best to deter uninvited guests from your home during the Christmas period, and says it’s “important to remain vigilant” at this time of year by enhancing your home security.


“This will ensure you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable holiday experience,” she explains.

“Several proactive measures can be taken to deter intruders throughout the holidays, including installing visible security measures such as smart alarm systems or burglar alarms, with visible cameras and alarms display signs that indicate your home is highly protected.

“Also, secure your doors, windows, and other potential entry points with strong locks and deadbolts… and indoor and outdoor lighting is a good option to maintain a lived-in appearance by using smart plugs connected to lights, motion-sensing cameras, and video doorbells in and around entrances and other key areas of your home to make it less attractive to burglars.”

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“The combination of these measures can drastically improve your home’s security,” Michelle concluded.

“As the appearance of an active and protected home is crucial to deterring potential intruders during Christmas and throughout the year.”

Featured Image – ADT