Night and Day issue ‘hopeful’ noise abatement update as they confirm disgruntled neighbour has moved out

They're heading back to court next week — hopefully for the final time.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 29th June 2023

Northern Quarter’s beloved Night and Day Cafe have issued an update on the status of their ongoing noise abatement notice, confirming that the neighbour who initially made the complaint has now moved out and the case lies in the hands of the council.

The iconic Manc music and nightlife institution was issued with an abatement notice by Manchester City Council over 18 months after a single NQ resident made a complaint about the noise back in 2021 and the owners have been battling to stay open ever since.

With countless musicians rallying behind the popular bar and gig venue, just as they did in 2014 when this issue last arose, the campaign to save Night and Day is bigger than ever and while the council are yet to drop the case, the venue has now issued an update as to next steps.

Sharing a lengthy statement on social media, N&D confirmed that the neighbour in question moved out months ago and that the team will now be heading back into court next week, adding that they are “hopeful that this matter will finally be resolved”.

As explained in the message on social media, the building hasn’t had a single noise complaint since the one made by the recently vacated resident and “has continued to operate in exactly the same manner during this period and exactly the same as it has done previously for over 30 years.”


As opposed to simply echoing the sentiment of many locals — ‘don’t move into Northern Quarter then’ — they go on to maintain that “the source of this problem is that no acoustic consideration was given during the planning and development stages of the apartments next to the pre-existing venue N&D”.

Therefore, they will now be “heading back to court next week for a three-day hearing” with the aim of finally putting the case to be and be left to “continue doing what it does best: putting on bands, nurturing culture and creativity, and putting smiles on the faces of the people that visit the venue.”


Amen to that.

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As for the individual who initially set off the chain of events, during the last visit to court his partner said the man had since become “a recluse” and lost around 30kg in weight as a result of the stress, with some people unfortunately threatening the pair on social media.

Many online were outraged by the local authority’s decision to issue the notice in the first place, labelling it “ridiculous“, “an insult” and as posing a threat to the arts, culture, local business and the Manchester music scene, although the council have insisted they dont want to close the venue.


Hopefully, for the sake of all parties concerned, the proceedings will see the case finally reach a positive conclusion and not only enable MCC to move on to more pressing issues but, more importantly, allow Night and Day Cafe to focus on giving Mancs a good night out as it has for more than three decades.

It goes without saying that The Manc is in full support of protecting local businesses — we even hosted a DJ set at N&D earlier this month — and were hugely relieved to hear fellow music venue Gorilla is set to reopen its doors again in the coming weeks. Keeping supporting your independents, people.

Here’s hoping Night and Day deliver as positive an update as Gorilla recently did.

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Featured Image — Night and Day Cafe/mcrjh.pix (via Instagram)