Noel Gallagher responds to Liam’s claims that he wants to reform Oasis


Liam Gallagher caused a bit of a frenzy this week when he took to Twitter to claim his brother Noel wanted to reform Oasis.

The former frontman of the band claimed that he'd just got off the phone to his brother, who had "begged him" to get the band back together one last time.

He tweeted: “I intend to retire as solo artist after album no3 as I have just had a call from my brother begging me to start oasis again in 2022 if you believe in life after love c’mon you know LG x”

Now Noel has responded to his brother’s claims, and it’s not good news for fans of the band.

He contacted TalkSPORT Breakfast host Ally McCoist to confirm a reunion isn’t on the cards, adding that Liam must have been on the sauce.

He texted Ally: “I’ve been listening to the show… and re: ‘The Reunion’, sadly I think the other fella must have been on the leftover Christmas Babycham. For the record, until anyone hears it from ME, it’s not happening.”


I mean, it's not really a surprise. Liam has a history of stirring the pot on social media and winding his brother up in the process, and this time is no different sadly.

We're still hopeful, though...


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