The Manc - Off-licences added to list of essential businesses during UK lockdown"

Off-licences added to list of essential businesses during UK lockdown


The government has added off-licences and other shops licensed to sell alcohol to its list of “essential businesses” that can stay open during the UK coronavirus lockdown.

Off-licences now join the list of essential businesses helping to keep the nation running. This list includes supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations.

We're sure it will be welcome news to those stuck at home while supermarkets are running low on supplies of beer and wine – but plenty of people are questioning whether they should be open at all.

On Monday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the closure of all non-essential stores as he plunged the UK into a lockdown to ease the burden on the NHS.

Before the UK Government amended its list of business that can stay open to include off-licences, smaller businesses specialising in alcoholic drinks were losing out to the larger supermarkets, which are expected to keep retailing, and of course stock wines, beers and spirits.

All off-licenses have now, however, been reclassified. More to follow.

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