Police seize more e-scooters in Manchester city centre, The Manc

Police seize more e-scooters in Manchester city centre

Officers in GMP’s Manchester city centre division confiscated the vehicles on Monday 19 July.

Greater Manchester Police has continued its attempts to crackdown on e-scooter usage in the city centre by confiscating at least half a dozen vehicles in a single day.


Officers confirmed that several e-scooters had been taken off multiple riders on Monday 19 July – including one belonging to a 13-year-old.

GMP Traffic posted the haul on Twitter yesterday, accompanied by a statement.


“Several e-scooters seized #165 today in @GMPCityCentre … including one ridden by a 13 year old who was almost run over when he cut up a car!” police commented.

“E-scooters are not to be ridden on roads or public places and can only be used on private land unless part of a government trial.”

E-scooter laws state that these vehicles are only permitted for use on private land with the permission of the owner.


Those found riding e-scooters in public places are liable to face fines and penalty points, with risk of the vehicle being impounded.

However, the government is currently running a number of trials around the country in which specific areas have been earmarked for legal e-scooter usage.

Police seize more e-scooters in Manchester city centre, The Manc
It is currently illegal to ride e-scooters in most public places / Image: JavyGo via Unsplash

Designated e-scooter routes have been drawn around University of Salford’s Peel Park and Frederick Road campuses in Salford, and back in February, e-scooter rental company Lime struck a deal to have docking stations installed in MediaCityUK.

E-scooters are also available to rent in Rochdale as part of a year-long trial.


Vehicle sales are up nationwide, too, with Halfords claiming in November that it had seen a 184% increase in sales year on year for e-mobility products.

More information on e-scooter rules is available here.

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