Police warning after social media posts potentially identify victims of Reynhard Sinaga

Greater Manchester Police are warning social media users after learning that images of sexual abuse victims may have been posted online. 

The caution arrives in the aftermath of the Reynhard Sinaga trial - which resulted in the former Manchester student being jailed for life.

Sinaga was predicted to have abused as many as 200 people - and images of his apparent victims have begun to surface on social media channels.


All victims of sexual offences have a lifelong right to anonymity under the Sexual Offences Act 2000 - and anyone sharing information that might threaten this anonymity can be prosecuted.

GMP issued the following tweet on Thursday:

GMP are also encouraging anyone who might have been affected by the case to get in touch:

Sinaga was given a life sentence for his crimes and has been described as "Britain’s most prolific rapist".

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