‘Spoilt brat’ activists slammed for pouring cartons of milk over supermarket floor in Manchester

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 17th October 2022

The latest stunt from environmental activist group Animal Rebellion, which saw people emptying bottles of milk on to supermarket floors across the country, have been condemned by public figures.

Demonstrators appeared at eight locations across the UK to take on the ‘milk pours’, including one here in Manchester.

Video from the Marks & Spencer on Market Street showed individuals tipping litres of milk all over the floor while onlookers gawped on.

Animal Rebellion says these ‘concerned individuals’ want to see the nation transition to a plant-based diet.

But while the motive is pure, the actions have been slammed by political and public figures, especially giving the cost-of-living crisis which is forcing many families to turn to food banks.


Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish, said: “I don’t care the rights and wrongs of the actual issue… this is criminal damage and in a cost of living crisis where food poverty and Foodbank use is rising, it’s also utterly sickening.”

Presenter Denise Welch said, sharing the Animal Rebellion video: “I tell you what. If these were my kids…..The staff have zero power!!! It’s an absolute disgrace.”


And Prestwich-born presenter Bev Turner posted: “What I DON’T understand is why nobody has the balls to stop these spoilt brats in their tracks!! Why?!? What is a “security guard” if not a person empowered to keep the shops’ stock secure??”

Many members of the public have called on these activists to think about the immediate impact their actions will have on those who work near where the stunts are taking place.

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One person said: “All you are doing is making a clerk’s day sh*tty as they have to restock and clean up your mess.”


Another commented: “as someone who used to work retail, if I was having a good day I’d probably start throwing Kitty litter at em and if I was having a bad day (which was every day) someone getting decked cause there ain’t enough mop solution in the world to make that store not reek forever.”

Someone else questioned: “What is this? A protest against janitors?”

Featured image: Twitter, Animal Rebellion @rebelsanimal