Starburst is bringing back Opal Fruits after more than 20 years

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If you never truly got on board with Opal Fruits' name change to Starburst, we have some good news. 

Mars has officially confirmed the sweets will revert back to their original title - 22 years after the big rebrand.

However, the change won't be permanent.

The retro Opal Fruits will be back in stores for a "limited time" only, so if you're hoping to taste some nostalgia, you'll need to grab a bag as soon as possible.

Wikimedia Commons

The classic sweets will be available in strawberry, lemon, orange and lime flavours at Iceland, Savers, B&M and Poundland.

Opal Fruits were originally launched in the sixties before being switched to Starburst in 1998.

This is the second time Opal Fruits have enjoyed a short-term revival since being phased out before the millennium, with Asda reintroducing the old-style branding in 2008 for a 12-week period.

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